4 Things to Look for in a Link Building Service

Needless to say, high-quality, relevant links are very valuable, and a solid link building campaign has the potential to have a high return on investment. Because of the importance of links in today’s search algorithms, businesses and individuals should not take choosing a link building service lightly. The following are a few tips to help sort out the good link building firms from the bad.

1. Webmasters seeking a link building service should look for expertise first. The link builder should have a grasp of advanced link building algorithms (such as VIPS and TrustRank). Reading through the link building service’s web site with the utmost care is a must. Quite simply, the link building service should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of SEO, marketing, search engine algorithms, and appropriate business practices. Experts in the field of link building will undoubtedly make their expertise known on their web site.

Additionally, it is advisable to look at the link building service’s web site as a whole. Is the design professional and user friendly? It may seem like a waste of time investigating the web site design of the company, but it can be a very telling representation of what type of link building service owns that site. Experts in any field take the highest pride in their work. An expert link building service would want to present itself in the most positive light. Since the web site is indeed the portal from the link building service to the customer, its design and usability are quintessential. If a link building service is haphazard with their web site design, they will certainly be more likely to haphazardly build links.

2. When searching for a link building service, one should look for examples of proven success. A solid link building service will make past successes available for all to see. When coming across the proven success statements on the web site, be sure to follow up on the claims of the link building service. If the service claims to be ranked number one in Google for “widgets,” be sure to follow it up. Search “widgets” in Google and see if the service is truly number one. If it is, then that link building service might be a good choice.

3. The reputation of the link building service should be taken into account. People in the SEO industry understand high quality link building, versus low quality. A recommendation from peers should be considered to be very valuable, because colleagues can often be the best judges and offer the most objective opinions. The SEO industry is relatively small, and most SEOs are familiar with others’ work. A link building service that is well known in the industry is certainly worth consideration.

4. Any link building service should be honest about how links are obtained. There are straight foreword ways of building links (observing search engine guidelines) and there are ways that are considered to be “black Hat” (not observing search engine guidelines). Depending on preference, one should consider how the link builder would obtain links. If your web site has a reputation to protect, then hiring a “black hat” SEO could be a gamble. Additionally, search engine algorithms are always improving in order to shield themselves from black hat SEO tactics. That being said, a link obtained dishonestly could end up hurting the web site rather than helping.

Essentially, the best link building service will proudly display past successes and offer all pertinent information about its link building service. A top-notch link builder will have expertise on the subject, and wonderful presentation (professional web site design). The link building service will make past successes available, and inform the client about how links will be obtained. The link building service should also have a good reputation within the SEO industry. The best firms will demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and initiative in link building practices. Searching for a high-quality link building service can be tedious, but if carried out correctly, the rewards will far surpass the effort.

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